Transforming product experiences

by decoding human emotions

Affect Lab goes beyond surveys and questionnaires, to delve into user's
subconscious thoughts & ensure brand message resonates with them emotionally

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About Affect Lab

Affect Lab enables you to conduct an emotion analysis of a user's reaction to products and marketing
campaigns & measure behavioral parameters such as attention, appreciation, concentration along
with cognitive parameters like happiness, boredom and familiarity

How it Works

Affect Lab helps you decode user behavior by using EEG-brain wave mapping and facial tracking

01 Track Experiences

Track Experiences

Affect Lab headset tracks the customer's brain waves and facial tracking as he experiences a product or consumes content

02 Cognitive Research

Cognitive Research

Affect Lab derives emotional & cognitive response of the customer and corresponding heat maps using brain wave mapping and facial tracking

03 Smart Analysis

Smart Analysis

Affect Lab offers visualization tools to give second by second analysis, comparison & benchmarking of the customer response

Use Cases

Turn around your traditional marketing by analyzing product experiences and understanding what
your customers really want. Affect Lab helps brands across FMCG, Media, Automotive, Education,
Healthcare, Advertising industry


Maximize emotional and sales impact of your advertisements; Improve viewer attention & engagement by analyzing metrics that matter

  • Advert testing-video/print/digital
  • Movie trailer optimization
  • Audio research
  • Ad-placement optimization


Evaluate where your brand stands on an emotional spectrum to strengthen brand building campaigns by assessing your assets

  • Brand campaign effectiveness
  • Brand affinity tracking
  • Brand recall analysis
  • Content research


Test your products before launch; Optimize your product and strategy for a successful launch

  • In-store testing
  • Package testing
  • Natural environment testing
  • UI/UX research


360 Degree Experience 360 Degree Experience

Go beyond the talk and cognitive biases to truly understand what consumers are looking for with biometric data

multiple scenario Multiple Scenario Testing

Test consumer reactions in different scenarios & record multiple readings during natural/lab environment testing

customer insight Consumer Insights

Understand the consumer's subconscious processing and understand their decision making factors

immediate actionable Immediate Actionables

Get detailed feedback and targeted recommendations on basis of accurate and high quality biometric data

user friendly User Friendly

Light weight tool as compared to heavy neuro research hardware. Can be set up in just 120 seconds!

24x7 support 24/7 Support

Tech support from the best minds in data analytics and biometric enthusiasts; Open APIs to integrate any new technology

improved roi Improved ROI

Make timely decisions during product development lifecycle/marketing campaigns

easy analytics Easy Analytics

Capture, view and analyze data using the easy-to-use, responsive and mobile friendly Affect Lab app & Web Dashboard

What Clients Say?

client tom

Being a young startup, one doesn't imagine Neuro Research to be affordable both in terms of putting in effort and price; But with Affect Lab, carrying out user study of our video advertisements and platform content was very straightforward. Their quick turnaround time, reports complete with actionables have helped us create emotionally engaging content for students & in turn increase our average content consumption by 25%

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Why Choose Us?

When most market research techniques rely on what users have to say, it is time to give yours a competitive edge by knowing a customer's unarticulated and unsaid feelings



Impact on Topline

120 seconds setup Time


Setup Time

Emotional Parameters measured


Emotional Parameters Measured